Deliverable A1: Telecenter Survey

A Telecenter Survey has been conducted at all six Telecenters. The main goal of the survey was to get a picture of the current situation at the Telecenters regarding existing and potential clients (demands), currently offered services (what is beneficial and not) and existing technical infrastructure (Internet, phone line, power etc.).

The survey development was supported by two documents provided by IT +46.

Document 1: General Guidelines

Author: IT +46

This document includes a set of general guidelines for conducting surveys but with special emphasize on the case of CWRC, Makerere University, Uganda.

Download: Survey Guidelines

Document 2: Telecenter Survey Requirements

Author: IT +46

This document includes a set of requirements that should serve as basic guidelines for the CWRC when developing the Telecentre Survey.
We encouraged CWRC not to use the questions in their current form in the survey. Instead, the questions should carefully be re-formulated by CWRC in a way that they can easily be interpreted in one single way by any employee of the selected Telecentres. That might imply changes in the way that the question is asked and even translation of the questions to one or more frequently used local languages of Uganda.

Download: Telecenter Survey Requirements

Document 3: Telecenter Survey

Author: CWRC

The survey itself developed by the Industrial Training students of CWRC.

Download: Telecenter Survey