B1: Local procurement in Uganda

Procurement of equipment (except radio and network equipment) should be done within Uganda whenever it is suitable in terms of price and availability. Oversea transport is very costly and the goods is normally charged by weight and/or volume. For that reason, heavy and bulky equipment should preferable be procured in Uganda.

Below follows shopping lists for the Basic Training Workshop in November 2006.

Training Workshop

  • 1x roll of Ethernet cable (Cat5e, UTP)
  • 1x crimping tool
  • 1x cable tester
  • RJ 45 plugs
  • A set of short straight (approx. 2m) pre-made RJ45 cables
  • 1x hub
  • Extension cords and power bars
  • 1x projector with white screen
  • 1x board to write on (could be a flip chart) and pens

Practical Field Trips

  • 10x Steel bars (approx 5m)
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Hammer drill, frech screws and plugs

The local procurement will take place in October/November 2006.