B2: Overseas Procurement

All radio/technical equipment will be procured in Sweden by IT +46. Procurement will be done two times during the project time. First a small procurement for the Basic Technical Training Workshop (Procurement 1) and then a major procurement for all technical equipment needed during the implementation phase (Procurement 2).

The equipment will be tested, labeled and re-packed in Sweden before being shipped to Uganda.

Export to Uganda

The equipment will be shipped and exported to Uganda by air fraight.
Listed below are the different taxes involved for each item:

Item HS Code Import tax Comesa VAT
Radio communication, sending and receiving 8525.20.00 0% 0% 18%
Antennas 8529.10.00 25% 6% 18%
Coaxial cable 8544.20.00 25% 6% 18%
Lightning protector 8535.40.00 0% 0% 18%

Source: Uganda Revenue Authority

Transport insurance

A transport insurance for the exported equipment must be subscribed
with an insurance company in Uganda or Sweden.

The equipment will be insured by Schenker for a price of approx. 0,25% of the total value of the goods.