Community Wireless Training Curricula

During the last three years a group of wireless enthusiasts(1) has been actively developing a methodology for hands-­on training in community wireless networks.
The methodology consist of a set of training materials, laboratory exercises and field implementations. The curriculum proposed in this document consists of 20 basic and 10 advanced training units.

The basic units are the result of two large trainings efforts in Africa (2005­06) and Latin America (2006­07).

The advance curricula included in this document should be considered as supplementary content to support teams that have completed the basic training and have already a basic wireless network in place.

The basic training has been delivered over 300 people in 7 different countries in Africa and Latin America. The advance training results from IT46 assessment of the needs of two community wireless projects in Uganda and Nigeria during 2007.

The modular design of the training should allow a training team to adapt the content to the very local conditions of the recipients. Wireless training courses can run from one day to several weeks.

(1) Louise Berthilson, Sebastian Buettrich, Sylvia Cadena, Lilian Chamorro, Adel El Zaim, Alberto Escudero­ Pascual, Anna Feldman, Tomas Krag, Ermanno Pietrosemoli, Eduardo J. Rodriguez, Bruno Roger, Américo Sanchez, Javier Triviño, Anas Twaileh, Ann Tothill.