IT +46 Final Report

This document summarizes the activities that IT +46 has performed for the Community Wireless Resource Center project in Uganda during June 2007­ December 2007.

The document also discusses the methodology used by IT +46 to support the CWRC team in order to fulfill the overall goals of the project.
These last seven months of the CWRC project has mainly focused on implementation and troubleshooting of wireless networks.

During June-­August 2007, the CWRC team implemented three Wireless Community Networks in Lira, Nabweru and Kabale. IT +46 has
been providing the team with logistical planning and technical advice during this period.

In September 2007, IT +46 conducted the second training workshop with CWRC which mainly targeted issues that has caused trouble during the implementation phase (Internet routing, wireless networking) and network services such as traffic management and web

The last three months of the project (October-December 2007) have been spent troubleshooting and improving the existing networks and supporting the establishment of local user groups around the Community Wireless Networks.

IT +46 has supported the CWRC project by providing 18 months of online remote support. This has been done by email and chat with very short response time. During these 18 months, IT +46 has lead two training workshops in Uganda during a total of four weeks.

The combination of remote online support together with a few intense training workshops has worked well for this kind of project. Due to occasional poor connectivity at the Makerere University, other means of remote communication would have been favorable to keep up the
pace of the project.

We can conclude that the overall objectives of the CWRC project has been archived and the fact that three Community Wireless Networks has been established by the CWRC team is a good proof of that. Although the Community Wireless Networks are not quite completed yet,
the hardest work has been done and some polishing is left to be done.

We kindly encourage IDRC to support the completion of the Community Wireless Networks by supplying the CWRC with the supplementary funding requested to complete the task. If the networks are not finalized with the basic network services installed, proper lightening protection provided and solutions to existing shortcomings provided, the overall impression and reputation of the project from the general public will be damaged.