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A pair of PRM's (Walkie Talkies operating in the 446 MHz band) have been procured for support during the practical site surveys.

The Walkie Talkies has a range of up to 6 km, operated in 8 Channels,
supports VOX control and Roger beep (among many other things).

For the full techical data sheet of the PRM's, please see here.

The kit includes
- 2 x PMR
- 2 x Necklace (lanyard)
- 2 x Earpiece
- 8 x Batteries
- 2 x Charger
- 2 x Car charger
- Universal quick charger

Website setup

This website has been setup primarly as a way to enhance internal communication within the team, but also as a way to report to our funder (IDRC) and other people with interest in our work, how the project is progessing.

The content of the website is structured after project phases and its deliverables. As we speak, the project is active in Phase A, B and C.

At the bottom of the right column, information about the six Telecentres and their partners can be found.

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