Buwama Multipurpose Community Telecentre

Description: Connected by AFSAT Aiway Africa (VSAT)

Location: 60 kms southwest of Kampala
GPS: N00° 03’ 44.2” x E32° 06’ 32.1”

Contact: Lydia Nanyanzi Nankabirwa
Tel: 077 660562
Email: lnankabirwa@yahoo.co.uk,bwmcmc@yahoo.co.uk

Services: N/A

1.Local Government Offices
2.St. Balikuddembe Secondary School
3.Nkozi National Teachers College
4.Business Systems in Buwama town
5.Brain Trust College
6.CMC project radio station

- Brain Trust College does not have line of sight to the Telecentre. A tower (with repeater) might be needed to establish between the both sites. New site survey is required.
- A repeater must be installed at St. Balikuddembe Secondary School in order to reach Nkozi National Teachers College.
- Business Systems in Buwama town is a commercial business.
- Nkozi National Teachers College has a two computer labs (students' and teachers') that are not located closely. If both labs should be connected, two radio links from St. Balikuddembe Secondary School should be established.
- Pending decision: Radio Tower (requires viability and site survey)

Proposed technical solution

Three physical areas of partners can be identified in the Buwama Telecentre scenario.

1.Telecentre Area (<1 Km)

In this area we find:
1.CMC radio station
2.Business Systems Buwama

2.North (3,5kms)

In this area we find:
1.St. Balikuddembe Secondary School
2.Lab 1: Nkozi Teachers College
3.Lab 2: Nkozi Teachers College

3.South (6 kms)
In this area we find:
1.Brain Trust College

The following steps are suggested:

  • Build two dedicated point-to-point (PtP A, PtP B) links using four outdoor rugged units.
    • PtP A: CMC radio-tower - St. Balikuddembe Secondary School: two outdoor units (BW1, BW2) with 18 dBi parabolic dishes.
    • Ptp B: CMC radio-tower - Brain Trust College: (BW3, BW4) two outdoor units with 21 dBi parabolic dishes. If this link does not work due to the hill between the places a repeater needs to be considered.

Pending: Site Survey of the links

  • Place a third outdoor unit (BW5) at the top of the CMC tower with a omnidirectional antenna.
  • Connect the Telecentre and Business Systems Buwama to the CMC tower (BW5) using standardized wireless client kit. (Outdoor Unit in partner premises)
  • Place a second outdoor unit (BW6) at St. Balikuddembe Secondary School
  • Connect the Nkozi Teachers Collegue (Lab 1 and Lab2) to St. Balikuddembe Secondary School

In this proposal a total of six outdoor units and four indoor units are needed.