Kachwekano Community Multi-media Center

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1) Kachwekano/Kabale area


  • GPS: S01° 15’ 0” x E29° 57’ 0”
  • 450 km from Kampala (borders with Rwanda)
  • Altitude: 1200-2300m
  • Located at Kachwekano ARDC in Bubaare sub­ county, Kabale district
  • 8 km from Kabale town
  • 2.5 km to Lake Bunyonyi
  • Although the CMC is only 8 km from the district's town, it has characteristics of remote areas because of the terrain.

Local conditions

  • Kabale district: 500 000 people
  • Kabale municipality: 40 000
  • Temperature: 15-20 degrees all year long
  • Landscape: hilly (no mountains)
  • Rain season: March -May, light rains: September-December
  • Main source of income: subsistence farmers (peasants) and or small scale fishermen and some do stone quarrying.
  • ICT
    • Internet cafes: 15
    • calling point: many
  • No structured public transport to the town
  • Few scattered secondary schools
  • In general, people are poor.
  • Public sector
    • 8 primary schools < 5km
    • 2 secondary schools < 5 km
    • > 20 secondary schools and 16 tertiary institutions and very many primary

schools in and around the Kabale town (< 12km from CMC)

  • 10 NGOs in the area
  • 20 health facilities (clinics, dispensaries, hospitals)
  • 15 churches and mosques (< 10km)

2) Telecentre: Organization and Business Model

  • Location: 8km from Kabale town


  • Started as a branch of Kabale AHI telecentre 6 years ago
  • A radio component was added to make it a full CMC
  • Owned and run by Bubaare sub­county and NARO­Kachwekano AR

Contact Person

Name: Rogers Kakuhenzire
Age: 36 years
Position: General Manager
Languages: English, Rukiga


  • 7 people (3 full time)
  • 5 volunteers.

Services (offered today)

  • Computer training: Yes
  • Internet/Email: cut off due to breakdown of computers
  • Library service: yes
  • Photocopy: Yes
  • Printing
  • Telephony: Yes
  • Community radio: struck by lightening (not in use), picked up by few dues to low transmission power, hills and valleys.Served a redius of 20km.
  • Main source of income: contributions from NARO, income services like computer training and photocopy.

Target groups

  • Serves mainly people with in a radius of 5 km, mostly students from the nearby villages, NARO staff and tourists.

Internet access

  • PC’s: 2 computers (general use), 1 for radio station
  • Internet access:
  • ISP: N/A
  • Access method:
  • Cost:
  • Bandwidth:
  • Other ICT equipment: Radio mast which is currently being rented out to MTN as the radio is non­operationa

3) Telecentre Environment

  • Access to roof top:
  • Secure storage:
  • Thefts:
  • Shares premise:
  • Masts:
    • MTN
    • UTL
    • Telecentre mast


  • Primary source: Hydro electricity
  • Alt. source: generator
  • Load shedding: every day

4) Partners

Shares partners with Kigezi.

5) Questions

  1. Internet access: What bandwidth do they have in Kigezi Telecentre?
  2. Power backup: How are the telecentres and partners equipped in termsof UPS’s?
  3. Radio tower in Kachwekano:
    • Who is the owner of the radio tower (contact person, email)?
    • How high is the tower?
    • What is the deal they have with MTN for renting the mast? For how long? Do they have the the sole right to the mast?
  4. Cartography: We would like you to take a detailed map of the Kabale area and point out
    • All partners (also the ones that were not visited but were identified in the report)
    • The 2 Telecentres
    • The radio mast + the 2 GSM masts
    • All clear LOS between partners, telecenters and masts