[070121] Online meeting with Dorothy

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Participants: Louise, Alberto and Dorothy.

Project Update from CWRC

The CWRC have not got an office space which they are moving into. Currently they are working on getting it setup with office supplies and furnitures.

The CWRC is also working on getting the official project website up and running. They are working with the Faculty network administrator (Charles) on this and hopefully there should be a demo up by end of this week.

Additionally, Frank is putting together budgets and quotations for the implementation phase with close cooperation with Louise.

The strike that broke out at Makerere University and stopped all education for a month has of course affected the academic calendar of the University. The strike has made January a busy month for the students, when normally they would be returning to studies in the beginning of February. Now, most exams will be done by 10 February and school should resume about the 23 February.
This delay will imply that the second semester will be slated to end in the end of June instead of end of May.
For the project, this means that Dorothy and Nelson will be busy giving exams until mid February but Frank will be fully available since he has no teaching duties.

Dates for 2nd Workshop with IT +46
Following the discussion of the slated academic calendar or Makerere, it was found that early July, after the 2nd semester has ended, would be the most appropriate period for the 2nd Training Workshop.
Another option would be april, before the exams of the 2nd semester, but it would be too tight since CWRC needs to complete most of the implementations before the next visit.

The first half of July has been preliminary booked for the 2nd visit.

Implementation Plans
Louise informs that IT46 is currently working on the implementation plans for each Telecentre. The reports for Nakaseke and Nabweru are completed and have been sent out to CWRC for comments.

Before the end of the week, the remaining reports (Lira, Kachwekano and Kabale) will be completed and sent to CWRC for critics.
Louise points out the importance of receiving feedback from Frank and Nelson since they will be in charge of the implementations themselves and have been present at all site surveys.

For Implementation plans for Buwama, see below.

Procurement and shipping
As soon as the implementation plans are completed, the process of procurement can start. Some of the equipment from Compex (outdoor units) will not be available until mid February. Also, IT+46 will be traveling to Nigeria 18th Feb-7 Mar and will not be able to work with CWRC during this period.
The plan is now to do as much of the procurement before the 18th of February and start with the shipment of the equipment in early March.

Buwama Telecentre and Rubaya Telecentre
We can both agree that Buwama has not showed enough (if any) interest for being a part of the CWRC. They have been direct ignorant and impolite and managed not to be present during two site visits to Buwama. This has lead to that CWRC would like to exclude Buwama in the project plan and reallocate the resources to other Telecentres. This is however not a decision that the CWRC/IT46 can take themselves but must consult with IDRC. It was decided that Dorothy will contact Edith by phone and discuss the matter. Since both the first workshop in Kamala was over the budget and the technical implementation most probably will be more costly than planned, we will propose to rather reallocate the money from Buwama to other Telecentres already included in the proposal than to bring in another Telecentre.

Rubaya Telecentre has been a candidate to take Buwama's position in the CWRC project. But due to tight budget constaints in CWRC already and the fact that Rubaya is far from an easy case in terms of implementation, it was decided to keep Rubaya as a separate task and not include it in the current budget of CWRC from IDRC.

As mentioned earlier, a CWRC website is under construction by the Faculty network admin. It will be set up in a way so that each Telecentre can upload their own material to the site. The content will be moderated by CWRC before being published.