[070121] Online meeting with Sheila, AHI in Kabale

Participants: Louise, Alberto, Dorothy and Sheila.

The issue of providing an ICT solution for Rubaya was discussed. AHI has a budget for ICT for the Rubaya and the Kabale Telecentre. CWRC has only a budget for the wireless component of Kabale Telecentre (no VoIP component) and no budget for Rubaya at all.

It was agreed that IT46 will provide AHI with a proposal for:

      A VHF system in Rubaya that would enable voice communication between the Telecentre and its 6 VIC's. A VHF-GSM bridge should be included in the proposal to enable the VIC's to reach the GSM network as only 3 out of 6 VIC's has GSM coverage today.
      A VoIP system between Kabale Telecentre and its six content providers in Kabale. The VoIP component would be built upon the wireless network of Kachekano that is a part of the CWRC scope.

It would not be possible to implement the project before the end of the AHI project (June 2007) since IT46 does not have the opportunity to travel until July 2007. It was agreed that Sheila would contact Edith to discuss a solution for this matter.