Weekly Status Reports

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1.Dr. Dorothy K Okello
2.Louise Berthilson
3.Nelson R Tashobya

1.Frank Kitumba – with apologies
2. Alberto Escudero - travelling

Note taker
Nelson R Tashobya

1.The meeting started by agreeing to report on activities that the CWRC and IT+46 were to conduct over the past week. Louise then began by reporting that IT+46 had updated the implementation plans according to the CWRC re-evaluation. However, there was still one outstanding issue with Nakaseke that was not sorted out as they needed to receive additional information from Frank, which information Frank was to obtain from Peter Balaba.

2.Dr. Okello contributes to the meeting by giving an update about the situation at Nakaseseke telecentre. She informs the meeting that Frank and herself had agreed that the former follows up with Peter Balaba on the new developments at the telecentre. She further informs that there is information (Unconfirmed) that the Ministry of ICT is implementing a wireless project in Nakeseke. This would be a good opportunity for a possible collaboration/synergy if the details and terms were known. CWRC is awaiting details of this and any other findings from Frank.

Action: Frank to contact Peter to obtain additional information required for completion of the implementation plan. This information should then be provided to Louise.

3.Louise suggests that if the news is true about the Ministry of ICT, then CWRC equipment might not be needed at Nakaseke telecentre. She quickly follows that we would surely find another place to reallocate this equipment to.

4.Dr. Okello, in response, notes that the equipment would still be needed at Nakaseke. She pointed out that collaboration, if possible, would instead help CWRC cover more that what is planned for at the moment. It was then suggested that Frank be reminded to make a follow up on the above.

Action: Frank to obtain information about the Ministry of ICT’s plans in Nakaseke. CWRC team to then review and assess potential opportunities for collaboration.

5.Louise informs the meeting that basing on the latest versions of the implementation plans, she placed orders for most of the wireless equipment a week back. She is expecting some of the equipment to arrive this week. Some of the equipment will be sent back to Uganda while some will come via Sweden; all aimed at minimizing the cost of shipment. She further specified that the shipment of smart-bridge wireless equipment from Singapore will be done straight to Uganda. It is cost-effective to do so, she argues.

6.Dr. Okello applauds the good news. She then informs Louise that the requisition letter was received, and it together with the CWRC cover-letter are to be submitted to the to the IDRC accountant today so the transfer of funds to IT+46 for procurement of equipment can be effected.

Action: Dorothy and Nelson to follow up with IDRC accountant for transfer of funds to IT+46

7.Louise requests Dr. Okello to provide her with the full contact information of the receiver person today so she can place the order for the Singapore equipment today. She requests to have that information before the day ends. Dorothy agrees to send her the contact information by mail today.

Action: Dorothy to send contact information for direct shipments to CWRC, Uganda

8.Dorothy seeks to know from Louise how much space CWRC shall need to accommodate the shipment. Louise informs that the smart-bridges equipment shall be in boxes, each of dimensions 30*40*30 cm, approximately. She admits that the load from Sweden shall be about 50kg, larger in volume but can’t tell now how big that will be.

9.Louise clarifies that the deliveries will be made to Sweden in about a week from the day of placement of order.

10.Louise says she is going to make procurement in three orders: 1) Smartbridges Access Points from Singapore. These will be shipped straight to Uganda. 2) Wireless equipment form Sweden. Shipping shall be done via Shenker to Uganda. 3) Lightning protectors from Sweden. Shipping shall be done from Taiwan to Sweden to be included in shipment to Uganda.

11.A cost analysis of the transport of Taiwan cargo was done. It was agreed that shipping of Taiwan cargo to Sweden first and then including in the second shipment is the cheaper option and should therefore be considered.

12.Louise also pointed out that shipping the Taiwan equipment to Sweden first would allow her and Alberto do some pre-configurations. This was welcomed.

13.Louise reassured the meeting that putting everything into consideration, the equipment should arrive in Uganda in 3-4 weeks.

Action: IT+46 to proceed with the shipments as proposed. IT+46 to do pre-configurations on some of the equipment in light of the expected delays of the equipment from Taiwan.

14.Louise suggested that in the meantime, CWRC studies “The Way Forward” for the various telecentres. Nelson sought clarification on the same. To this Louise, reminded that there are some activities that must precede the implementation phase. These include making sure that the masts at the centres are in the right shape, carrying out link tests to ensure functional links and more. Louise advised that CWRC downloads the latest implementation plans and critically studies the last chapters of each report – especially for Nabweru and Nakaseke.

15.Nelson agreed that this would be done, and the review meeting with Frank should be done by the end of the week.

Action: Frank and Nelson to download and critically study the latest implementation plans. Special attention is required for the last chapters of each report, in particular, the Nabweru and Nakaseke reports. A report on this study should be made at the next weekly meeting, March 26.

16. Louise says she found someone who could supply outdoor Ethernet cable. However, given the weight that would be involved, she advises to we intensify our search on the local market for the same. It was suggested that Frank works on this with help from his contacts in Nigeria.

17.Dorothy suggests that we get the figures of the cost of the outdoor Ethernet from both the Sweden source and from Frank. That would help us make an informed decision on where to procure from. Louise agreed to this.

Action: IT+46 to send estimates for sourcing of outdoor Ethernet cable from Sweden. Frank to add this to the estimates to be obtained from the Nigeria contact as well as the local companies in Uganda. Frank to propose the way forward based on analysis of the various quotations.

18.Louise emphasizes the need to do a test link in Nabweru. Frank and Nelson are to follow this up.

Action: Frank and Nelson to conduct a test link in Nabweru.

19.Louise informs the meeting that she got mail from one of the Lake Bunyonyi clients asking when he will have internet at his premises. She promises to reply him but also send his contacts to CWRC so we can keep him informed of what is going on.

Action: Louise to reply the Lake Bunyonyi and include CWRC in this reply.

20.Dorothy admits to not knowing how far Frank has gone with discussions with UTL and preparation of Service Level Agreements (SLA).

21.Louise suggests that Nelson keeps in touch with telecentre officials so are informed of what is happening.

22.It was agreed that the issue of SLAs was a very urgent one. Louise informs that she sent a template SLA to Frank which should be used by CWRC to draft one suitable for our application here.

Action: Frank to draft SLA for use with the telecentres, using the templates provided by Louise

23.Mention was made of a CWRC policy regarding the equipment given to the telecentres and development of a sustainable business model for the telecentres. However, detail of these two issues were postponed to the next meeting.

Action: Need to add to the agenda: (1) CWRC policy regarding equipment to be provided to telecentres and (2) development of a sustainable business model for the telecentres.