Weekly Meeting

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Louise Berthilson
Alberto Escudero Pascual
Frank Kitumba
Nelson Tashobya

Dorothy Okello (teaching)

Nakaseke - Subcountry Headquarters
Frank reports that the status is that the district has shifted but the sub county is still in the same place. This means that our earlier plan still stands. The subcounty office is still in the same location and are ready to pay for the service.

Action:No further action needs to be taken

Ministry of ICT’s plans in Nakaseke
Frank has managed to get in contact with the personal assistant to the Minster for ICT. He could however not not give any details about the project but linked Frank to the concerned engineer. The engineer has promised to call and fix an appointment to discuss the scope and collaboration. Frank is waiting for his call today, else he shall call him tomorrow.

Action:Frank follows up with the engineer and notifies CWRC about his findings.

Transfer of funds to IT46 for the procurement
Dorothy and Nelson were to follow up with the IDRC accountant for transfer of funds to IT+46.
The accountant promised to effect the money transfer to it46 last week. Nelson will check at his office this week to see if that has been effected.
The accountant also authorised CWRC to go ahead and procure the laptop and printer for our office.Louise recommends to procure a laptop that has an external PCMCIA slot so that they can connect an external antenna to it. Also, rather go for something robust (since you will move around outdoors with it) than something "nice and shiny".

Action:Nelson will follow up on the transfer of funds to IT46.

Procurement of Equipment in Sweden
Louise informs that she has placed the order at SmartBridges. The pre-payment is taken care of and the order will be shipping to CWRC in Kampala. While talking, Louise gets an update from SmartBridges saying that the pre-payment has arrived and they they expect to ship the equipment this week.

Louise informs that she has ordered the lightning protectors from Taiwan and as agreed. They will be shipped to Sweden and be included in the big shipment to Uganda. The supplier in Taiwan has confirmed that the payment has arrived and the order has been shipped the 26 of March.

Louise informs that the Comex equiment has been further delayed, this time only a week. It is expected to arrive to Sweden this week. However, the delay will not effect the shipment to Uganda, since we need to wait for the Taiwan goods anyway. The time of arrival of the shipment from Sweden to Uganda will still be the same as the bottleneck is still the lightening protectors that has a delivery time of 2-3 weeks. The goods are still expected to arrive to Uganda in 3 weeks (if not earlier)

Louise informs about the climbing gear that has been procured on the behalf of CWRC. The equipment includes a harness, a short rope (2m) and two big hocks that will be used when climbing towers. The same equipment was used by IT +46 in Nigeria when we climbed a 45m tower. Good experience.
Louise mention that CWRC should also consider to procure (locally) a small backpacker or similar bag to carry tools/Access points/antennas/cables etc when climbing towers.

Action: None

Study of implementation plans with special attention to "way-forward" recommendations
Nelson and Frank have not had time to look at the reports yet.
Louise suggests that Frank and Nelson make a detailed Time/activity Plan for the practical roll-out of the project. That includes all activities mentioned in the implementation plans (The Way Forward). Nelson and frank welcome the idea and also points out the we need to include Dorothy in the loop.
The time plan should start from next week with preparations (test links, pre-conf. of equipment etc) and follow with actual implementations.

Having a clear time plan will help CWRC to keep the pace, Louise says. Louise mentions that she got another mail from Jason Greber in Kabale (one of the clients in the Lake area) that can't wait to get internet to his business. She would like to give him a time-frame when he can expect to get connected but do not dare to promise anything since we do not have a plan.
Frank points out that they are having the same experience with the hospital at Nakaseke and it is difficult to keep them convinced in CWRC if you can not show any promises.

Frank asks for guidance about the scope of the time/activity plan and what exactly it should contain.
Louise responds that she would like to see a time plan where CWRC match actual activities (according to the impl. plans) with dates. First, CWRC must decide which order to deploy the networks and then split up each network implementation in smaller activities. For example
1. Deployment of central hub (1 day) Date: x
2. Client deployment (8 days) Date: x -y
3. Etc.
There should also be time allocated for pre-configuration of equipment (before going to the site).

Nelson summarized the process to be:
1. Restudying the implementation docs and,
2. Drafting an Time/Activity Plan

At this point, Nelson needs to leave the meeting.

Louise asks for a deadline for this delivery from CWRC.
Frank estimates about a week's time starting tomorrow. Louise asks Frank to send out a first draft of the plan before next weeks meeting.

Action: Frank and Nelson presents draft plan before next meeting and final version within one week.

Procurement of Outdoor Ethernet Cable
Frank has been in contact with a supplier in Nigeria. He has got a quote of 300 USD/305 m (without shipping and tax) but the supplier has not been able to give any specifications for the cable.
Louise mention that she can put Frank in contact with a company in Lagos that sells outdoor Ethernet cabling if he is not pleased with the contact he has.

Louse concludes that the offer from Nigeria (1$/m) is much cheaper than the Swedish one (2.5$/m).
Frank says that it would be easier for them to procure from Sweden since at least they would be sure of delivery in time. Louise replies that that option would NOT be easier easier for IT +46 and far more expensive then buying from Nigeria.

Frank informs that a local firm quoted an outdoor cable for 760 USD/ 305m. The cable was specified as F/UTP (foil applied over unshielded twisted-pairs) and not clear if it was really outdoor cable. Louise mentions that it is rather the shielding of the cable that specifies the outdoor capability.

Action:Frank will continue working on local/Nigerian suppliers and get back with an update to the next meeting.

According to previous meeting, Frank was supposed to draft a SLA for use with the telecentres, using the templates provided by Louise.
Frank has not had much time for the SLA although he has written to the Customer care for UTL to avail a sample of what they normally give to the UTL clients. UTL promised to send a copy but have not got back yet. Frank will remind UTL about this.

Action:Follow-up on next week's meeting.