Weekly Meeting

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Members Present
1.Dr. Dorothy Okello
2.Louise Berthilson
3.Nelson R Tashobya

Members Absent
1.Alberto Escudero - Traveling
2.Frank Kitumba – Not feeling well

1.The meeting commences with greetings. Evidently absent is Frank, and Louise asks if any one has heard from him. Dorothy informs the meeting that Frank has just checked at the CWRC office to inform her that he is not feeling well and therefore wouldn’t be attending the meeting.
2.Louise sends her regards to Frank, but requests that he sends updates about the action lines directed to his desk from the previous meeting. Dorothy offers to take the responsibility of reminding Frank to do this as soon as possible.

Action: Frank to circulate an update on the action lines from the previous meeting. Dorothy to follow up.

3.Louise calls the attention of the meeting to the first ‘action point’ of the previous meeting – Frank was to proceed with investigations to find out what exactly the Ministry of ICT is planning in Nakaseke and then inform CWRC of his findings. Dorothy informs the meeting that Frank says that he is yet to secure an appointment with the Engineers at the ICT Ministry. This item, therefore, is still pending.

Action: Frank to report on any further progress on this issue in the update he circulates.

4.Attention is then called to action point number two from the previous meeting - Transfer of funds to IT46 for equipment procurement. Louise informs the meeting that the IT46 bank account shows that the funds have not been transferred. Nelson and Dorothy inform that they followed this up. The IDRC Accountant actually promised to effect the funds transfer on Thursday, March 29, 2007. Nelson is to check with the Accountant to confirm whether this was actually done. Louise requests for notification as soon as this transfer has actually been effected. To this, Dorothy agrees.

Action: Nelson and Dorothy to follow up to confirm the transfer of funds.

5. Action point number three from the previous meeting is then tabled by Louise – Frank and Nelson were asked to prepare an implementation time-plan and present it at this meeting for discussion. Dorothy informs the meeting that Frank has been unavailable for work due to sickness; Nelson has also been busy reviewing Implementation plans and following up with local procurement. This item, therefore, hasn’t been tackled yet. Louise suggests that response to this item be presented at the next meeting. To this, there is no objection.

Action: Dorothy to follow up on this issue with Frank and Nelson.

6.Louise reminds the meeting that next Monday shall be Easter Monday. Therefore it won’t be possible to have a meeting then. It was tentatively agreed to by the members that that week’s meeting be held on Tuesday, April 10, 2007, at 11.00 am Ugandan time.

Action: Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday April 10th 2007 at 11:00am (local time in Uganda)

7.Louise calls attention to action point number four – Frank was to proceed with consultations and negotiations with the Nigerian sources and the local sources regarding the procurement of outdoor Ethernet cable. Louise asks if Frank has registered any progress there. Dorothy informs the meeting that Frank has received a quotation from a local supplier, Technology Associates, and the verbal information he has from the Nigerian source so far seems to suggest better terms. Dorothy has asked Frank to go ahead and get a quotation from this Nigerian and other Uganda sources if available, so that a comparison of terms can be made and then a decision be taken on who will supply these cables. Louise agrees with Dorothy that it is very important to have a number of quotations so one can make the best pick.

Action: Frank to obtain quotations from potential suppliers of the outdoor Ethernet cable

8.Louise asks if Frank is working alone on this cable procurement task. To this, Dorothy and Nelson answer in the affirmative. The reason for this is because Frank has more ‘technical contacts’ than the rest of the CWRC executive and therefore would find it easiest and fastest to get a good deal for cables. Louise offers to have a chat with Frank during the course of this week so they can together find the best way of concluding this search for cables. This idea is generally applauded.

Action: Louise to chat with Frank on the cable procurement process

9.Louise asks what VAT is charged on Technical equipment here. Dorothy informs her that it’s 18 %. No VAT is supposed to be charged on computer equipment but it’s always the Customs officer with the final say, she elaborates.

10.Attention is then called to the next action item: Preparation of Service Level Agreements. Dorothy informs the meeting that from Frank’s report, he hadn’t yet obtained a copy of an SLA from any of the ISPs here. Louise then suggests that the template Frank already has should be sufficient in drafting SLAs for the telecentres. Dorothy stresses the point that it is very important that we have a draft of SLAs very soon so we can have ample time to consult with all the telecentres and come up with the best agreement for both sides at the end of the day.

11.Louise suggests that Nelson takes the responsibility of preparing the SLAs. This was, however, politely declined. Frank is to go ahead and customize the templates. Nelson will then take the responsibility of soliciting the telecentre officials’ contributions so these agreements can be further customized and appreciated by the end-users. Nelson informs the meeting that he can always give a hand when the key issues in the SLA have been clearly highlighted.

Action: Frank to complete customization of SLA based on template from Louise.

12.Dorothy informs the meeting that the shipment from Singapore has arrived. It has however attracted a clearing charge of 40,000/= and a tax whose magnitude is yet to be established. Louise says that she wasn’t aware of the extra costs at the customs. She asks Dorothy to follow up with this issue extra costs so they both can have this taken care of in a day, if possible.

13.Dorothy informs the meeting that Nelson and the three CWRC students should be available to help Frank with equipment pre-configurations. Louise expresses her dismay at the extra charges at the customs. She promises to verify from SmartBridges and inform Dorothy of her findings as soon as possible.

Action: Dorothy and Louise to follow up on the issue of charges that may be due on the shipments coming in.

14.A.O.B. Louise informs meeting that IT46 was considering to make their visit to Uganda in September 2007. She asks CWRC’s opinion about this. Dorothy quickly notes that September is right at the start of new Semester and the implications of that would be that Nelson and Dorothy wouldn’t be available for field trips since they have to teach. CWRC is also not certain of the availability of CWRC students once they finish school in June. This matter could not be discussed conclusively since there are ‘other schedules’ to consult before giving a binding word.

15.Dorothy suggested that if our implementation season coincides with Industrial Training period, then taking on some students would provide CWRC with the much needed ‘extra hand’. This idea was warmly received.

Action: Dorothy to report back on an appropriate time for the second visit of IT+46 during the month of September.

Prepared by: CWRC