MInutes of the Meeting

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Louise Berthilson
Frank Kitumba
Nelson Tashobya
Alberto Escudero Pascual (background)

Dorothy Okello (teaching)

1. Import of SmartBridges equipment
The import of radio equipment from SmartBridges in Singapore ended up with a huge tax bill of approx. 60% of the total value of the goods. CWRC have since last week been working on a solution to the problem by contacting the tax authority.
Nelson has been talking to the IDRC accountant last week and he said that CWRC should go ahead, ascertain how much tax we shall need to pay and then put in a requisition.
Dorothy has been in touch with the customs person and might have put in a requisition already. Nelson need to confirm this with Dorothy.

Action:Dorothy is working on the issue with the tax bill and is in contact with the tax authority.

2. Procurement in Sweden
Alberto informs that the equipment from NoWire (the radio equipment) just arrived to IT +46 office (as we speak) and Louise leaved the meeting a few minutes to receive the goods.
The procurement of goods is completed by IT46 and ready for shipment. However, IT46 and CWRC have agreed on postponing the shipment until CWRC has sorted out the tax issue for the imported equipment.

Action:Louise postpone the shipment until further notice from Dorothy regarding the import tax.

3. Transfer of funds to Sweden
Louise informs that the funding from CWRC to cover the procurement arrived last week.

Action:None, completed.

Frank joins the meeting and is asked to give an update of his pending threads

4. Wireless/VoIP network in Nakaseke (by the ministry of ICT)
Frank has had a meeting with the ministry and sent out a detailed summary report on his findings. The document also includes suggested actions and recommendations.

Louise asks what the likelihood of this wireless pilot network by the ministry to happen is? Frank's report revealed that the project has been in the pipeline for 2 years now, without any progress. Frank replies that it is likely to happen as the ministry now has received the funds and the VoIP equipment. The equipment is in their stores already.

Louise asks which actor in Nakaseke will be the service provider of the network. Who will run, maintain the network? A local actor or one of the big ICT suppliers in the country?
Frank says that will be UTL. Louise points out that there won't be much interaction with any local actor in Nakaseke then, their approach won't be very community driven. Typically top-bottom.

Frank informs that the ministry has spoken to Peter Balaba in Nakaseke . Peter says that he is not yet sure about the whole plan and insists that we should continue with our (CWRC) plan in Nakaseke.
Louise suggests thqt we leave the topic for now, and discuss it further when Frank has gotten a soft copy of the proposal from the Ministry.

Action:Frank will provide further information when he has received the proposal.

5. Outdoor Ethernet Cable
Frank has got two quotes for the outdoor cable. One from a local company in Kampala and one from a supplier in Abuja, Nigeria.

Louise informs that procuring the cables in Sweden will not be possible since she just found of that the delivery time is over 60 days for the supplier that she has been in contact with.

The two quotations are more or less the same price/m including transport and taxes. The price per meter is $1.80- $1.90 . Delivery time is about 4 weeks.
Frank is familiar with the local provider since they have supplied MUBS (frank's former employer) with computer equipment many times.

Louise suggest that CWRC choose the supplier that implies the minimum risk. She points out that it will probably be less problems for CWRC to order from the local company. By doing so, they also avoid dealing with customs again.

It is agreed that Frank will place an order of the outdoor cable to the local supplier.

Action:Frank place an order of the outdoor cable with the local supplier.

6. SLA and Time/activity Plan
Frank informs that he is not yet done with the SLA document and the time/activity plan but will work on them this week. Frank says that all documents will be completed by the next meeting (16 april).
Louise asks if Frank could send out the documents one day in advance so that the rest of the team get a chance to browse them before the meeting.
Frank promise to have them sent out by Friday the 13th.

Action:Frank prepares and sends out SLA and time/activity plan by Friday 13th to discuss at the meeting the 16th.

7. Pre-configuration and labeling
Louise informs that IT46 will do some pre-configuration of the equipment this week. Not configure all of it, but a part of the equipment that could be used as a reference kit.
Also, the equipment will be labeled according to its final destination, network and site.

8. SmartBridges equipment
Louise explains that she will send training material for how to configure SmartBridges equipment and Compex equipment. Since Frank will be busy writing reports this week, she promise to prepare the document for the next weekly meeting.

Louise informs that the equipment is very sensitive to power fluctuations during the bootup and re process. Due to that, it is of great importance to always use a UPS when powering them on. This warning is noted by Frank.

Action:Louise sends documents by next week.

9. IT46 second visit
Louise mention that there was another pending issue from last week's meeting, to decide a suitable time for the second visit by IT46. However, Dorothy's input is needed for that matter, so the issue is postponed to next meeting.

Action:Further discussed the 16th April.