Minutes of Weekly Meeting May 7th, 2007

Members Present

1.Dorothy Okello
2.Edwin Mugume


1.Alberto Escudero-Pascual (travel)
2.Louise Berthilson (travel)
3.Frank Kitumba


1.Bringing Edwin Mugume on board

As agreed in the previous meeting, Edwin Mugume is fully on board as the new Project Assistant. He will assist Frank in the implementation phase of the project. He has created a Skype account and his address is Edwin Mugume.

2.Incorrect Import Tax on SmartBridges Equipment

Note that the person Edith Adera recommended is at Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) and not at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). He is called Mr. Patrick Masambu and is the Executive Director of UCC. However, CWRC is still trying to get a person to talk to in URA to see if any changes can be made to the taxing of the equipment. In the meantime, CWRC has received a cheque amounting USD 2,372 for both the taxes as well as UPS’s clearing costs.

Action: CWRC to continue following up with URA on the issue of the taxes. If this fails, CWRC will continue with clearing of the equipment.

3.Shipping of Equipment from Sweden

Communication was received from Louise Berthilson that equipment had been delivered to the Courier for shipment this week. The total load is 80 kg and it is packed in 7 boxes.

Action: CWRC will inform everyone concerned when shipment arrives in Uganda.

4.Ministry of ICT in Nakaseke

CWRC is to follow up with Dr. Turahi on the discussions of collaboration in Nakaseke.

Action: Appointments with Dr. Turahi are still pending. Follow up by Frank.

5.Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Edwin will work with Frank on this issue of SLAs between the Telecentres and their partners.

Action: Frank to guide Edwin on SLA discussions with the Telecentres.


It was agreed that CWRC will continue with the regular Monday meetings but also be ready to have meetings with IT+46 when they are available online.

The cheque for the outdoor Ethernet cable has been received and as soon as it matures, the funds will be provided to Frank to purchase the equipment. This will probably be next week.

Prepared by CWRC