Minutes of Weekly Meeting May 21st, 2007

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1.Dorothy Okello
2.Frank Kitumba
3.Edwin Mugume
4.Okwany Robinson Olyel
5.Paul Kyoma Asiimwe

Members Absent
1.Alberto Escudero Pascual
2.Louise Berthilson


1. Shipment of Equipment from Sweden

A total of 7 boxes containing equipment shipped from Sweden have been received. The equipment is being stored in the CWRC office. As for the incorrect income tax issue, this has also been sorted out. UPS and URA insisted that the correct taxes had been assessed, so these were paid for and the equipment has finally been received from UPS.

2. Ministry of ICT (MICT) Nakaseke project

CWRC held a meeting with officials from MICT on the Nakaseke issue. In the last meeting, it was recommended that CWRC should go ahead and connect the three partners that are not being considered under the MICT project, but based on the initial CWRC plan.

Frank is to compile a report on the proceedings of the meeting that CWRC held with MICT officials. The report is to be ready before the next meeting to be held on 28th May 2007.
Frank is also to prepare an implementation plan for connectivity of the three partners not being considered under the MICT project.
Edwin is to follow up with Mr. Odoi on the next meeting to be held by MICT on the Nakaseke project.

3. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

The SLAs have been finalized and are ready for trial in Lira. There is still the issue of ownership for which Frank is following up with Alberto. However, it was agreed that the CWRC can begin the field test of the SLA.

Edwin is to work with Jumar Okee and Robinson on this issue of the SLA trial in Lira. This is to be done as soon as possible. A status report will be provided on May 28.
Jumar is to work with the partners in Lira to assess the viability of setting up the SLAs basing on the provided template. Jumar and the partners are to raise as many questions as possible such that the SLA can be refined based the feedback from Lira.
Frank is to follow up with Alberto on the ownership issue.

4. Kampala II Workshop

Edwin and Frank informed the meeting that moving the Kampala II Workshop to the second week of September is fine.

Dorothy to inform IT+46

5. Implementation Plan

In a short introduction, Frank informed the meeting that the implementation plan was drafted with an objective of meeting the connectivity requirements of priority partners in each area. Telecentre managers were requested to bring in their priority partners and these will be considered first. After connecting all the priority partners, connectivity of all the other remaining partners will then commence.

Due to the issues in Nakaseke, implementation will start in Lira. Nakaseke will come last since its implementation plan may depend on what MICT does there. Robinson suggested that the Nabweru implementation plan should consider the sub-county headquarters among the two priority partners.

The meeting was also informed that the LPO for the UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supply) has been put in. A letter of intent has also been delivered to Technology Associates for the purchase of the outdoor Ethernet cable that will be used in the implementation.

Jumar Okee is to draw up a budget for casual work (such as digging trenches where cables will be laid) that will be involved in the Lira implementations. Edwin to follow up.

Edwin, Paul and Robinson to check what is contained in the boxes received from Sweden and assess what has been preconfigured and what still has to be configured. They will also draw up a timetable for this activity and look for the best way of involving the 3rd year trainees (if they have been determined at that time) in the configuration activity. A report to be presented on May 28.

Frank to confirm if Technology Associates are following up with the purchase of the outdoor Ethernet cable.

Frank is to develop a local procurement list of all the necessary equipment (such as poles, RJ connectors, bolts, labor, etc) that will be needed for the implementations.

Edwin to communicate with Adrian on the issue of the mast in Kabale. Adrian is to inform CWRC about their plans and arrangements of sorting out this issue.

6. CWRC Internship

Many applications have been received from 3rd year Electrical Engineering students who are interested in doing their industrial training with CWRC. Only three vacancies are available.

Edwin to look through all the applications and draw up a table that will include every candidate’s name and an assessment based on if the applicant meets all the necessary requirements. A comment, either complete or incomplete, will then be given.

7. AOB

Dorothy and Edwin are doing the accounts for the period of January-June 2007. Dorothy will then follow up with IDRC to request the necessary funds for the remaining period.

On another note, CWRC has now received the laptop and printer for the office.