Minutes of Weekly Meeting June 25th, 2007

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1. Dorothy Okello
2. Frank Kitumba
3. Edwin Mugume
4. Paul Kyoma
5. Mwesiga Peterson
6. Ssanyu Nalule Mariam
7. Lillian Olule
8. Emmanuel Miyingo
9. Paul Asiimwe Kyoma

Via email
1. Alberto Escudero Pascual
2. Louise Berthilson


1. Introduction

The meeting started with introductions of all the members present. Dorothy explained to the CWRC trainees how the weekly CWRC meetings are conducted and informs them that they will help with preparation of the minutes in the coming weeks.

2. Work Plan

Frank informs the meeting that the revised work plan is ready and has been shared with everybody. He explains that the work plan shows the dates when implementation on each individual site will start and end. He also explains that the work plan has been designed to ensure that priority partners at each site get connected first (phase one). Phase two will then involve implementation of all the other remaining sites. Further, implementation will begin in Lira, then Kabale and finally Nabweru. Finally, he explains the importance of implementation activities (local procurements, Internet and connectivity linkages, site visits, equipment pre-configuration, site preparations, site installations, link testing and network commissioning) that are part of the work plan.

On another note, the administrative part of the budget has been prepared and the cheque has already been received. Dorothy informs the meeting about the effect the dollar’s continuous fall in value with respect to the Ugandan shilling might have on future CWRC procurements.

On yet another note, a technical support person from RAPS Uganda has arrived and given assistance as regards the installation and use of the 15 UPSs procured from RAPS. The exercise, carried out by Edwin, Paul and the students, has verified that the serial numbers of all the UPSs match with those on the delivery note and that all the UPSs are in good shape.

Frank has presented the revised work plan to everyone and is awaiting feedback from Louise and Alberto. Frank to follow up with them in case they do not respond by Tuesday, 26th June 2007.

3. IT+46 Support

Frank and Dorothy explain the importance of the test beds to the field implementations. Dorothy proposes that test beds be looked at in two different ways. The first looks at the exercises designed to give CWRC staff enough experience with the equipment with respect to real field implementations for example configuring equipment to perform a routing function. The second looks at a set up of each site in terms of what equipment will be installed at the site and how it will be installed. This involves setting the IP addresses, SSID, passwords, AP modes, etc. This also addresses the input from IT+46 to today’s meeting.

1. Frank to have a final review of the Lira network architecture documentation prepared by Edwin before sharing it with Louise and Alberto who will then respond accordingly. Frank to follow up with Louise on this issue in case a feedback has not been received by Tuesday, 26th June 2007. In case the network architecture is fine, CWRC will go ahead with its initial plan of performing field implementations in Lira this week.

2. The exercise with the routing node of the WPP54AG-6C access points raised some issues that Frank has communicated to Louise and is now awaiting feedback.

4. Nakaseke

A final decision on the way forward with Nakaseke is required.

Frank is finalizing the report to hand over to IDRC before any decisions can be finalised on Nakaseke.

5. Ministry of ICT

The CWRC is interested in maintaining contact with the Ministry of ICT and keeping them abreast of our activities.

Edwin to follow up with Eng. Odoi during on the possibility of subscribing him to the CWRC mailing list and inform members of the outcome during the next meeting.

6. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Frank explains the importance of the SLAs to the long-term sustainability of the network once implementations are completed. He explains that the SLA will bind all stakeholders to perform their role.

Edwin informs the meeting that a copy of the SLA, which was regarded okay in Lira, has already been sent to Kabale and Nabweru for further review. Adrian, the manager in Kabale responded and said that he fully understood the document and was going to share it with his partners for a broader discussion. Ivan, the new manager in Nabweru, also responded by requesting for a number of clarifications which Edwin fully dealt with.

1. Edwin to follow up with Adrian and Ivan on this issue and have feedback from Adrian at least by the next meeting.

2. Edwin, together with the students, Paul and Robinson to go to Nabweru on a familiarization tour since the manager is new. The team will answer any questions that Ivan might raise regarding CWRC and the current project as well as get acquainted with the place before actual implementations. This tour has tentatively been scheduled for Thursday, 28th June 2007 in case the Lira trip is called off. Otherwise, this trip will take place early next week.

3. Edwin to provide a copy of the SLA to the students so that they can fully digest what it involves and its purpose and also ask for clarification when and if necessary.

7. AOB

The CWRC trainees are to be added to the CWRC mailing list so as to keep abreast of what is going on.