Minutes of Weekly Meeting July 3rd, 2007

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1. Dr Dorothy Okello
2. Edwin Mugume
3. Paul Kyoma
4. Robinson Okwany
5. Lillian Olule
6. Miriam Ssanyu Nalule
7. Emmanuel Miyingo
8. Peterson Mwesiga

1. Alberto Escudero
2. Louise Berthilson


1. Work plan

As the installation for the UPSs was completed, a requisition has been put in to effect their payment. The outdoor ethernet cable has received in time for the implementation in Lira. Hence the first phase of the Lira deployment can commence. It will include set up of all four sites i.e. CPAR, NUSAF, NAADS and CCE.

A CWRC team visited the Nabweru Telecentre and familiarized themselves with the setup of the proposed wireless network. They also held discussions with Ivan Gaayi, the manager. A report has been prepared on this tour.

1. Frank was to provide feedback from Louise and Alberto on the revised work plan.

2. The team is to set up all three sites in Lira during the first phase deployment. They are also to take note of any problems that arise to ensure that the process goes smoothly at all other the Telecentres.

3. Edwin to share the report written by the trainees on the visit to Nabweru.

2. IT+46 support

Comments were received on the test bed and it was noted that sufficient security was to be added, for example more complex passwords. Louise and Alberto advised that an Access point without an internal antenna be used at CPAR since an omni will be used as well. Louiseā€™s advice was to leave NAADS to Juma Okee to connect.


1. Following the feed back, the CWRC team is to take the Access point without an internal antenna to Lira and to configure it on site.

2. Edwin to arrange for a trench to be dug for NAADS and if feasible, NAADS connection will be done in the first phase.

3. Frank was to get feedback from Louise on the issues raised during the exercise with the routing node of the WPP54AG-6C access points. This issue is still pending.

3. Nakaseke

Frank prepared and handed over a report on Nakaseke. Edith Adera, our contact at IDRC, has also recommended that CWRC withdraws from Nakaseke. Therefore, CWRC has pulled out of Nakaseke.

The CWRC team needs to devise a plan on how to use the Nakaseke equipment in Kabale or any other place for that matter.

4. Ministry of ICT

Edith Adera recommended that CWRC stays in touch with the Ministry.

1. Edwin still to follow up with Eng. Odoi on the possibility of subscribing him to the CWRC mailing list and inform members of the outcome during the next meeting.

2. Dorothy is to follow up with Principal Information Officer at the Ministry of ICT so as to maintain contact with the ministry.

5. Service Level Agreement
Edwin talked to Adrian about the Service Level Agreement and he said everything was well understood. In addition, the trainees were availed with the document and are now conversant with the SLA.

6. Lira Deployment

A team of four students, four CWRC staff and two mast experts are heading to Lira for the first phase of the deployment. They expect to complete it successfully and return on Friday 6th July.

The team is to implement and deploy the network. This trip will also be used to note and iron out any unforeseen problems with the activity.

7. A.O.B

Alberto and Louise would like to begin plans for the September workshop. It should include site visits where practical training is to be undertaken, practical and theoretical training. It is due to take place from 3-14th September.
Louise also requested for many photos to be taken in Lira.

Dorothy suggested that after getting a profile for Nabweru, the information could be shared with the partners so as to get similar information from them for the website. This is to be done in Lira as well. Nabweru deployment is tentatively to start on Tuesday 10th July.

A review meeting of the Lira deployment is to be held on Monday and therefore the report on Lira implementation is to be completed as soon as possible to give Louise and Alberto time to give feedback.

1. Material on Lira Telecentre to be gathered by the team during the implementation for updating the website.

2. Albert Lumu was to get back to Dr Dorothy about the website and the blog.

3. Ivan (manager Nabweru) to help with profiling Nabweru Telecentre.

4. Report on the Lira Implementation to be drawn up by the team spearheaded by Edwin.