Minutes of Weekly Meeting June 13th, 2007

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1. Dorothy Okello
2. Frank Kitumba
3. Edwin Mugume
4. Paul Kyoma


1. Alberto Escudero Pascual (provided written input)
2. Louise Berthilson (provided written input)


1. Work Plan

The first implementation phase will start in Lira. A tentative date of Wednesday, 27th June 2007 has been set to start implementations in Lira if all other requirements are in place. This date takes into account the fact that the four CWRC trainees will need at least two days of orientation before implementations can start proper. Their industrial training starts on Monday, 25th June 2007. It was also agreed that all the students should go to all the sites i.e. Lira, Kabale and Nabweru. Frank proposes that the money to cater for the technical requirements be made ready to avoid any delays.

1. Frank to prepare a revised work plan showing all activities, tasks, responsibilities and resources on a weekly basis and taking into considerations the recent developments (Nakaseke). The plan is to be ready by the meeting to be held on Monday, 18th June 2007.

2. Edwin, with Dorothy’s assistance, to prepare the administrative part of the budget such as travel expenses, per diem, allowances and accommodation. This budget is to be finalized as soon as possible so as to make the necessary requisitions.

3. Edwin to verify the serial numbers on the UPSs from RAPS Uganda and to test if they are functioning well. Once the students are on board, they will help with this exercise.

2. IT +46 Support

Edwin and Frank agree to set up the test beds this week. Basing on the network topology for each site, the test beds are to be set up accordingly i.e. each test bed will be representative of the network requirements of each site. It is agreed that it is best that everyone who will be involved in the implementation take part in setting up the test beds. Since trainees are still doing exams, they will miss setting up the Lira test bed. However, they will be briefed on the exercise during their orientation. They will also be able to participate in setting up test beds for other sites.

Action: Edwin to sort equipment according to the requirements for the Lira test bed. This is in preparation of setting up the test bed later this week. Frank, Edwin, Robinson and Paul will participate in setting up the test bed.

3. Nakaseke

Frank to prepare a briefing report including the two options, either to pull out of Nakaseke or to proceed and link up only one site – Jesus is Lord Complex. This report will give the pros/cons in terms of financial sustainability vs. providing connectivity to this one site. This report, together with the report from the meeting with Ministry of ICT, will then be submitted to IDRC. IDRC will then make the decision.

Action: Frank to prepare a briefing report on the Nakaseke situation as soon as possible.

4. Ministry of ICT

Action: Edwin to follow up with Eng. Odoi of Ministry of ICT to request if we can subscribe him to our mailing list. This way, he will know what CWRC is doing.

5. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The SLA was tried in Lira first. Juma Okee, the telecentre manager said that it was agreed upon by all stakeholders.

Action: Edwin to issue the SLA to the managers in Kabale and Nabweru for discussion with their respective partners. The SLA will still be treated as a draft and any changes suggested will be addressed.

6. AOB

CWRC has recruited four students for their industrial training during the period 25th June 2007 through to August 2007. These students will take part in the implementations of Lira, Kabale and Nabweru among other things. They are all students of 3rd year, Electrical Engineering and they are listed below.

Peterson Mwesiga
Lilian Olule
Ssanyu Mariam Nalule
Emmanuel Miyingo