Nakaseke Multipurpose Community Telecentre

1) Nakeseke Area


  • 65 km north of Kampala city.
  • GPS: N00° 43’ 08.1” x E32° 23’ 50.4”

Local conditions

  • Populations: 22,000 people
  • Clostest town: Wobulenzi town (16 km)
  • Rainy seasons: March-May and August-October (no thunder storms)
  • Hottest seasons: June-July and December-February
  • Public sector
    • Many secondary and primary schools in the area
    • A number of health clinics
    • A mosque as well as over 20 churches
  • Private sector:
    • No factories in the area but other big businesses exist (big wholesale shops, milling machines)
  • Main source of income: agriculture
  • ICT
    • Many calling points (phone booths)
    • No internet café

2) Telecentre: Organization and Business Model


  • Established in 1997

Contact Person

Name: Peter Balaba
Age: 30 years
Position: Manager
Languages: English, Luganda
Employment:Full time
Phone: +256-78-2902991


  • 3 full time employment
  • 30 volunteer

Services (offered today)

  • Computer training (in schools and in the Telecentre) : $80- $110 /month
  • Email/Internet: 10-15 clients/day, 3,500- 5,000 Shs /day
  • Community radio (announcements and ads): Shs 20,000-30,000 /day
  • Telephone services: (bad business, hard competition): Shs.1,000-2,000 /day
  • Library services (bad business) : < 1 USD /day
  • Photocopying services (good business): Shs.25,000-30,000 /day
  • Printing services (good business) Shs 6,000 - 10,000 /day
  • Distance education: free service
  • Box services: subscription fee is Shs.50,000 (about $27) per year.
  • Outreach services
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Video coverage and video shows

Target groups

  • Youths: video, internet, library and computer training
  • Men and women of all ages: printing, radio and photocopying

Internet access

  • Internet access: Yes
  • Access method: VSAT
  • Cost: $250 /month
  • Bandwidth: 64kbps
  • Other ICT equipment: N/A

3) Telecentre Environment

  • Access to roof top: Yes (but the roof is weak)
  • Secure storage: Yes
  • Thefts: No
  • Shares premise: with UTL (but UTL has no access to the telecentres side of the premises)
  • Masts
    1. A MTN (Mobile Telecommunications Network) GSM tower about 3.5 km away on top of the ridge (no previous relationship with MTN)
    2. A UTL (Uganda Telecom Limited) GSM mast is located on the telecentre compound, approx 25m high, (belongs to UTL, good relationship with them)
  • UTL mast
    1. Not 100% sure that we can use the mast. The Nakaseke Telecentre manager cannot confirm.
    2. Issues to consider: size of equipment, antenna load
    3. Lobbying is needed
    4. Contact person: Sarah and Frank is working on it
  • Situated on the same compound as the Nakaseke sub-county headquarters
  • The telecentre serves an area of approximately a 20 km radius.
  • Thick vegetation and there is a high hill (like a ridge) just about 2 km away from the telecentre.
  • The telecentre is located on a raised ground, just near the Nakaseke township.
  • There is a high hill (like a ridge) about 2 km away from the telecentre.

Power and Backup

  • Solar panels only
  • No back-up at all because the capacity is very high.
  • Do not use UPS's since they do consume some power as well.
  • use a pure sine wave inverter that protects the equipment against power surges.

4) Eagerness

[Edwin] “From my experience while carrying out the survey in Nakaseke, I think the partners as well as the Telecentre deserve 5 (very eager). Most partners even manifested impatience by sending me emails asking about the progress of the project barely 3 weeks after the survey. They are all excited about the project and they have shown signs of embracing it in the best way. The Telecentre manager is also very supportive and looking forward to the implementation of the project.

5) Partners

Partner # users Estimates Distance Location LOS Roof top Comment
Nakeseke Hospital N/A 60 USD 300m N/A Yes N/A Eeasy
Nakaseke Core Primary Teachers' College N/A 40 USD 1.5km N/A Yes N/A LOS to UTL mast
Nakaseke Sub-county Headquarters N/A 40 USD 30m N/A Yes N/A Eeasy
Nakaseke S.D.A Secondary School N/A 60 USD 2km Behind a small hill Near N/A Near LOS to UTL mast
Mazzoldi College N/A 20 USD 1.5km N/A Near N/A Near LOS to UTL mast
Nakaseke International College N/A 20 USD 1.5km N/A Near N/A Near LOS to UTL mast
Christ the Rock Secondary School N/A 27 USD 2km N/A No N/A Near LOS to NIC and SDA
7 # users 267 USD Good case for November

NIC = Nakaseke International College
NSH = Nakaseke Sub-county Headquarters
MC = Mazzoldi College
CTR = Christ the Rock S.S.S
NH = Nakeseke Hospital
PTC = Nakaseke Core Primary Teachers' College
SDA = Nakaseke S.D.A Secondary Schoo

  • NH: LOS to the Telecentre, the NSH, the UTL mast and the MTN tower.
  • NSH: LOS to the Telecentre, the NH, the UTL mast and the MTN tower.
  • NIC: LOS to the MTN tower and MC. It has near-LOS to the UTL mast and the Telecentre.
  • MC: LOS to the MTN tower as well as NIC (they are close to each other). Has near-LOS to the Telecentre.
  • PTC: LOS to the MTN tower and the UTL mast. Has near-LOS to the Telecentre.
  • CTR: Near-LOS to SDA, the MTN tower and the NIC. No LOS to the Telecentre and the UTL mast.
  • SDA: No LOS to the Telecentre. However, there is near-LOS to CTR and the UTL mast at the telecentre compound. It is behind a small hill.