Project Activities January 2007

Implementation Plans

Implementation plans for Nakaseke Telecentre and Nabweru Telecenter has been completed this week. They have been sent out to CWRC for feedback. The plans include detailed hardware specification for each partner and radio simulations for the network.

The plans can be downloaded here.

Information sheet

An information sheet has been sent out to all Telecentre officials. The main purpose of this information is to manage the partners' expectations.
The sheet is a 3-page document that introduces CWRC and its purposes. It also explains what equipment will be installed by CWRC at the partner's premises and the responsibility of each partner towards the equipment installed at their premises.
The Telecentre officials are requested to deliver and explain the information to all their partners.

The information sheet can be downloaded here.

Budget/quotations for local procurement (Uganda)

Frank has presented a budget for local procurement of bulky and heavy equipment that will be procured in Uganda. The budget includes UPS's, poles, mounting brackets, power cable etc.

The budget can be downloaded here.

[070121] Online meeting with Dorothy

Participants: Louise, Alberto and Dorothy.
See minutes of meeting here.

[070121] Online meeting with Sheila, AHI in Kabale

Participants: Louise, Alberto, Dorothy and Sheila.
See minutes of meeting here.